Making Fabric Yo-Yo’s

Is it just me or does everyone else get the munchies while watching the Biggest Loser? For some reason every week my craving for ice cream gets so strong that I find myself succumbing to temptation before I realize what I am doing.

This week I planned ahead.

Keep the hands busy and maybe…just maybe my mind would forget about my mouth.

I am proud to say it worked.

I had no idea what I was going to do…it needed to be mindless…with what I had…because of course I didn’t come up with this plan until 5 minutes before the show was about to begin.

Then I remembered yo-yo’s…my mother use to make them.

Here are some pillows that she made my daughter years ago using yo-yo’s…

I went to the fabric stash…

Have I told you I can’t throw fabric scraps away?

After I picked the fabric I went to the kitchen to find something round to make my circles.

My Tupperware hamburger thingys fit perfect on the scrap so I made as many circles as possible…six.

Yo-yo’s are simple to make…you just fold over about a quarter of an inch and sew a running stitch around the whole circle.

As you are stitching, you just slowly gather up the circle.

It was the perfect project…even though I have no idea what I’m going to do with them yet…

I could put them on a basket…

Or maybe just put one on a picture frame

Or I could take a drab lampshade and give it some pizazz.

Wow…my head is spinning from all the possibilities…

Have you ever put a yo-yo on anything?

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9 Responses to Making Fabric Yo-Yo’s

  1. Tammy Soave

    Oh my! I LOVE the lamp. Now you have ME inspired!

    FYI…I probably would have been distracted by a snack while in the kitchen looking for something round! LOL

  2. These are adorable! You must have a lot of patience to do all of that by hand! Wow. But I love this idea of keeping your hands busy so you won’t get the munchies! (Whenever I get an attack of the munchies I put on one of those Crest Whitestrips. Buys me at least 45 minutes of no eating. And my teeth are whiter!)

  3. Very cute! Love the fabric choice. And I am the same way watching that show! lol
    Thanks for linking this up!

  4. I love this idea!! I agree, watching the Biggest Loser is when I want to much. WHAT is that all about???

  5. I have never made those but you make it seem so easy peasy that I’m just going to have to give it a try! I can’t throw fabric scraps away either…it feels like throwing away money! 🙂

  6. Oh, these are soooo cute!! I may just have to try these. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! 🙂

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