My Mom’s Thrift Store Find

My mother taught me how to be a good thrift shopper. She knew that it is easy to fill our homes with a lot of junk, so we should look for quality.

Mom bought this chair at the Salvation Army when I was about 10 years of age. I wish I had a picture of it back then to show you. The best I can do is show you what I did with it after she gave it to me.

This picture dates back to 1980…..

Side note…..Wish I still had that bird pillow now that birds are all the rage.

Even though this chair only takes less than two yards to cover, money was really tight back then. We used just plain corduroy because it was a lot cheaper than upholstery fabric. I figured if it it was sturdy enough for a pair of pants, surely it would work on a chair. I was right. We got many years out of that fact I only changed it because…well that what I do.

This chair has had many updates over the years. Here it is around 1987…

And right now it has a yellow Waverly print on it that works not only in my living room…

…but also in my master bedroom.

I love having things that I can move from room to room whenever the mood hits me. Which can be often.

This chair is one of those things that is going to the nursing home with me some day. I am so glad my mom bought quality.

Do you have any pieces of furniture passed down from your parents?

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13 Responses to My Mom’s Thrift Store Find

  1. My main memory of that chair is in the blue corturoy type fabric… I’m surprised you didnt have a picture of it like that!

  2. Hey Dianne! Thanks for linking up! Your momma had a good eye for a nice piece of furniture that would stand the test of time! It’s so that yellow! Hope you have a great day!

  3. Great piece of furniture. I hope you link up this post to my winter blues wednesday party. The link stays open through Friday.

  4. What a cute story about that sweet little chair. I love it that you’ve had it all these years like an old friend.


  5. Rhonda

    My mom has a chair simular to that, I ve tried to get it for a redo, but she wont give it up!! Love yours!! Rhonda

  6. I got a chair just like that at a consignment store last year. It was my first attempt at upholestry. It was a lot easier than I thought. I used cream colored fabric so I could also move it from room to room (sometimes I get these crazy whims to change everything). I really like that you used bright colors and pattern. I love love it! I am thinking that I need to do what you did. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. What a beautiful chair! A true classic. I have a sweet pine highboy type of desk and a dining room hutch from my mother. Love them both! Your bedroom curtains are lovely. What is the fabric? Silk?

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  9. Sherry Varga

    Your mother, my aunt, also taught me the value of thrift shopping. When Grandma Benson passed here in California, the sisters all came, and my fond memory at that time was when they took me to the thrift store up on the corner and talked me into a chair they found. We also started a quilt of all my scraps I’d been saving and we sat in my front room, cutting and stitching! I still have that quilt, although it was never backed, but I blocked it with Chartruese Green of all colors! That was the color back in the day! Your Cousin, Sherry

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