Making Twin Size Blankets

It”s funny how no matter how old I get, it still brings a smile to my face when I think my mama would be proud of me.  Mom passed away eariler this year…wow…it seems like ages ago. It’s been a life time…it seems…since I was able to share with her my little successes in life…since we could share a laugh together…or she would give me “that look” that only a mother can give.

My mother was raised during the Great a home with 12 kids and an abusive father. What she learned out of that experience is to never feel sorry for herself. To look on the sunny side. It was a lesson that served her well throughout her life.

It didn’t matter how much money she had later in life…she wasn’t about to spend it foolishly.

This morning I took a king size blanket that I didn’t need anymore…because I no longer have a king size bed anywhere…and cut it in half and made two twin size blankets. My mother used to do this often. The thirft store charged one price for a blanket…it didn’t matter what size it was…so she figured why not get one big enough to make two out of the same amount of money.

It’s so funny how such a simple thing can bring back memories of her…makes me wonder what will remind my kids of me some day. Oh lordy…I hate to think..heheheee.

What makes you think of your mom?


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5 Responses to Making Twin Size Blankets

  1. Love this post. .When I saw the picture, I had to read it. That is quite a thrifty idea your Mom had. I often do things because my Mom did, but of course I can’t think of any right now.

  2. Connie Haack

    Everything reminds me of my mother. I miss her so much. She has been gone 5 years and we spent so much time together or talking on the phone. She was the strongest woman I have ever known. All 95 pounds of her. A brilliant lady who had family traditions for every holiday that my kids have insisted we continue. She encouraged my crafting and sewing at a very young age . She also looked at the Sunny side of everything .

  3. I once turned a King-size into drapery panels, but never into twin blankets! This is an idea I’ll try!

  4. Michellemch

    My mother has been gone about 3 years now and I still think of her all the time. Grocery Shopping is an activity that we did together weekly. She could no longer drive and I would pick her up, we’d go to lunch, and then on to shop and run errands, finishing up at the grocery store. I can’t go to Kroger’s without thinking of her! How I miss our Wednesdays together.

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