Christmas Craft Reveal

My daughter made this fabulous tree topper for our Christmas tree this year.

When I showed it in a post here, I was asked to find out how she did it and to make a tutorial about it so here goes…

Ours was made with just a piece of typing paper but I can imagine it would look amazing with glitter paper.

First off, you will need a square piece of paper.

Fold it in half, on the diagonal.

Next, you will make 6 cuts.  These cuts will be made on the folded edge.  3 will be parallel to the right edge, 3 will be parallel to the left edge… I have marked the cuts on the next picture so that you can see them.  Make sure that your cuts do NOT touch each other!

Once you have made your cuts, you can open the paper and lay it flat.

Now, take the center “diamond” shape, and roll the 2 points over each other and tape.

Now, flip the paper over.  Take the next “diamond” shape and roll the 2 points over each other and tape.

Keep flipping the paper over, and taping the next diamond shape until you run out of diamonds.

You now have 1 of the points of your snowflake!  You will need to make 6 of these.

Once you have your 6 points, put them together to form your snowflake!  Staple them together in the middle (I find it helpful to staple 2 groups of 3 together, and then staple those groups together.)  You should also staple them together on the edges where they meet.  This will help your snowflake hold its shape.

It looked good on the top of our tree but imagine three of them hanging together in a corner of a room!

Where would you put yours?





















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6 Responses to Christmas Craft Reveal

  1. I love these! My son made one at school & I hung it in the window for Christmas. They really look great!

  2. I’m so glad you shared this tutorial! A local bank did those one year and the teller gave me a quick “verbal” tutorial. Needless to say ~ by the time I got to the car those simplistic instructions were lost in the abyss ~ lol! I agree, they are beautiful and I am going to try my hand at one! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I saw these at Whole Foods and was going to ask to buy it! But now I can make my own! 🙂

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  6. Michelle

    Thank you for the instructions! We are doing these for my daughters frozen themed party! 🙂

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