From the 70’s to 2012

I was walking past a shop the other day when I noticed this clever thing that they did…

They took a nightstand just like my mother had back in the 70’s and modge podged newsprint over it. I don’t think I ¬†would want a large piece done like this but this little piece caught my eye.

Have you ever modge podged a piece of furniture?

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4 Responses to From the 70’s to 2012

  1. No, I’ve never tried to mod podge furniture, but I’ve seen this done on a few blogs. (As a book lover, I can’t help but cringe – no matter how poor the book was!)

  2. Mary

    I just modge podged an ” inspirational” desk turned make-up table for one of my daughters for her 21st birthday. I put glass on top to keep it safe. I love it and so does she.
    Source: Uploaded by user via Mary on Pinterest

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