A Hobby Lobby Kind of Day

My surroundings are very different right now….

I am a Florida girl…and right now I am in El Paso, Texas to see my new grandson…

There doesn’t seem to be a lot to look at around here (other than my beautiful grandson!)…then I saw this…

I am always reading about everyone shopping at the Hobby Lobby, but sadly I don’t have on of these where I live. Wow…you are all so lucky…I felt so creative just walking the aisles…

My daughter found this sign and asked if we could buy it for her new room…

How could I say no? Don’t we all need to remember this…


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3 Responses to A Hobby Lobby Kind of Day

  1. Denise Lamb

    What a beautiful sign. Such wise words.

    We do not have a Hobby Lobby near where we live.
    I feel cheated but next time we are out of town I am
    going to find one and visit a store.

    We were in Orlando last May and we got to visit a Publix. That was an
    amazing store. My hubby and kids all wrok for or have worked for a
    Supermarket that is only on Long Island so we always visit supermarkets
    when we travel. There is nothing to compare here on Long zisland.

    Congratulations on your new grandson.


  2. What a sweet baby! I hope you took him with you to Hobby Lobby. hehehe I don’t have one in my town either. The closest one is about 2 hours away. (Can you believe there’s one where I used to live – after I moved away 6 years ago?)

  3. Kristi

    Love HOBBY LOBBY!!! We have one here where I live and it is wonderful! They always have 1/2 priced sales. Love the sign your daughter found.

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