My love of color..


I am a bit of a dreamer….I love to sit and imagine…What if?….but over the years I have learned that dreaming about other people’s lives… children..can only get me into trouble. So I try to stick now to dreaming about my house, which can sometimes get me into trouble  with my husband, but what’s a girl to do?

Over the years, my Sherwin Williams paint deck has brought me many hours of entertainment.

I know right now that many of you are thinking about just how shallow I am, but I want you to know that I have never once played a game on the don’t judge me too harshly….

I remember going to a paint store once and asking to see their choices of white paint and the man looked at me and said…white is just white. I walked out and never returned. White can be so many different things..

The white of waves breaking..

The white of bread..

Different whites play off the light differently than others..some giving a pink cast while others give a warm yellow or blue glow.

I have been thinking about doing my new house in white on the inside…but which white is the question..look at these rooms that I scanned from “Homes on the Water” magazine.

I love how the light reflects in these rooms…they seem like happy rooms.


The point to this post is not only to get your suggestion for the perfect white wall paint..but to show you something I found .

You can go to this sight and look at colors from all different paint manufactures…such as Benjamin Moore…and Martha Stewart..

I am not getting paid to premote this site….I just thought it was cool.

So go…check it out and be inspired.


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5 Responses to My love of color..

  1. gayle

    I like porcelain by porter paints. And yes you did teach me about whites and if anyone still buys white appliances let me tell you the are also all different whites.

  2. Michelle in Htown

    I love this post. I’ve been thinking about white a lot lately. It is so popular now. For a color-blind girl like me, white walls are very liberating. Suddenly everything looks good against them. But I wonder about one thing. As a resident of the Texas Gulf Coast (not on the water, sadly, but about an hour or two away), our light is bright. Really, really bright in the summer. And that summer lasts from April to November. I wonder if that bright light streaming in the house and bouncing off those white walls would be too much? Would the house seem visually hot or washed out? I love white, but I think of northern climes, Scandinavian homes where light is a short-season blessing to be scooped up and cherished. Have you thought about that? Maybe this is a job for a light, almost-white gray (muses the color-blind girl, cringing at the thought of blue grays and pink grays and brown grays). Lotta words here, but I did say I’ve been giving this a lot of thought! Cheers this March 1!

    • Hmmmm interesting thoughts….I will let you know. My husband’s eyes lit up when I said I was thinking of going all white. He said it is a lot cheaper to get painters to do it all the same. So I don’t think I can back down on this…but a lite grey/blue was my other idea

  3. Becki

    Love the pictures of the white rooms – my living room has southern exposure and we put in plantation blinds for those very sunny days!

  4. Funny story. . .one year at Christmas my stepfather bought my mother some countertop appliance. . .for their almond kitchen (remember almond appliances?!?). Anyway, he insisted that she get it out of the box *right now* to see if it was the “right shade of almond” to go in the kitchen. What he had really done, though, is hide a beautiful piece of jewelry that she had been asking for for years in the appliance. Best surprise ever! You’re right. . .white is not just white. . .almond is not just almond. . .and beige is not just beige. Good luck with your exterior color. . .I’ve failed for the last three years with a front door. . .this spring I will try another color. . .

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