How to Help Heroes!

Look who showed up at our house…yep firemen….lots of firemen..that is my teenage daughter having the time of her life.

We contacted our local firemen and told them that we were going to be tearing down our house, and that they could practice their skills on our house. They were thrilled!!!! I am told that they watch a lot of instructional videos, but somehow the videos are nothing like real life.


A perfect example was this new saw that they had just gotten….it didn’t even make a dent in our roof…so out came their reliable old saw….glad I wasn’t trapped inside with a fire as they figured that one out.

They punched holes in walls, kicked in doors and busted out windows…

In other words, all the stuff firemen like to do.

A fun day was had by all….

If you are ever┬átearing down a house, contact your fire department….you, and they, will┬ábe glad you did. And lets face it, a well trained fire department is nice to have!


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2 Responses to How to Help Heroes!

  1. Kathy McKellar

    Dianne, this was great…and what a wonderful idea to contact the FireDepartment. I bet a lot of people don’t even think of that. Me included. Thanks for sharing and good luck on the building of the new homestead:)

  2. Kathy

    I noticed that you left on the door locks… Are you planning on taking them off before the demo? I would love to call the fire department to have them do this to my house, but I want to save some of the door knobs, etc….

    Habitat for Humanity (at least in Chicago) has a re-sale store that resales knobs, cabinets, etc that people take out of their house before remodeling. It’s a nice take credit if you give them that type of stuff, plus we have picked up some great lamp fixtures for $5 there.

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