A Thanksgiving Surprise!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.. I was excited to kick off the holidays in our new home with Thanksgiving…God has blessed us so much it is sometimes hard for me to comprehend it all.

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is make the pies the night before. All the kids that can all gather at our house and we go into production.

It was moments like this that I had in mind when I was designing my kitchen and I have to tell you…it couldn’t be more perfect.

I know that anyone that makes pies have their own little secrets that make them wonderful…one of ours is…when making the crust my husband always uses this tool… I have no idea what it is called but I know that it has made all the difference in our crust. ( editor’s note: Its a pastry cutter)

Our other secret….we always use six different kinds of apples in our apple pies. Trust me…it makes them the best.

We had about a dozen people coming for Thanksgiving this year. Unlike the 24 guests that we have had in the past. We decided to keep it smaller this year, just in case our daughter decided to go into labor.

Sure enough, her and her husband were at the hospital on Thanksgiving day. His family and ours gathered at our house trying to act as if nothing was going on.

 Luckily I took this picture when I did because we were sitting for just five minutes when we got the text…”We have started pushing…”

From that moment on it looked like a scene from a sitcom…my husband and I grabbed the toddler and ran to the hospital leaving our guests in the wind.

My daughter wanted her son to be there as soon as the baby was delivered and it was our job to make sure that happened.

At 5:05 Thanksgiving Day…Grace Renee joined our family.

What a perfect Thanksgiving….



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9 Responses to A Thanksgiving Surprise!

  1. Lora

    What a wonderful gift on Thanksgiving Day. Now that is a blessing to give thanks for.

  2. Denise Lamb

    Congratulations. Grace is such an appropriate name for a
    baby born on Thanksgiving Day.
    Your table looks beautiful.

    Sorry that you could not finish your dinner.


  3. She is precious and I was so excited for Callie when I saw all the tweets that she was in labor. She made it sound like a piece of cake…err, pie 🙂 Thought I’m sure it was anything but!

    Total side note, but how do you like your white kitchen cabinets? My husband and I are thinking of buying a new house where we can choose all of our finishes, appliances, cabinets, etc. We are leaning towards white, but do not know how they will hold up with future kiddos 🙂

    • Thank you…actually I have never met anyone that has had an easier delieveries than my daughter…she does not take after her mother…

      I love my white cabinets…we had them in our last house ….with 4 kids and tons of company. I think I tend to like white cabinets because I can see if they are dirty.
      Good luck with your new house.

  4. Karen F.

    She is beautiful, Dianne. What a beautiful family! Have a wonderful Christmas with the babies!

  5. Becki

    Wow – what a story to retell every Thanksgiving! She is gorgeous! Congratulations to all!

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