Toilet Paper Crafts

If I had known how much toilet paper a house with four girls could go thru I would have bought stock in it a long time ago. I can’t tell you how many of these I have thrown away over the years and not given it any thought …..

Until Pinterest…..Now I feel guilt over all of the rolls I have thrown away over the years.

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Wouldn’t this be cute on the top of a gift?

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How fun would these be for Easter?

This is clever…

My grandson would love this…

fire starters.jpg

Simply stuff the tubes full of dryer lint. The ultimate in recycling!

I have done this and it really works well…just make sure you stuff them really tight.

Here is the only toilet paper roll crafts I have ever done.

What is the best toilet paper craft you have ever done?

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4 Responses to Toilet Paper Crafts

  1. Years ago, my mother used to cover them with contact sticky paper that looked nice and use them for cord rolls, as in the toaster, or the toaster oven or any other cord that would be just ‘laying around’. It actually looked pretty nice.

  2. When I was a kid, I made an entire nativity set out of toilet paper rolls!

  3. Haha…! But it is on the list!

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