Decorating with a Game Table

I have a very large living room. When I say large I mean 25 x 25. It wasn’t suppose to be that large, but when we tore down the old house we decided to keep the old pool. That meant that whatever I decided to build had to fit around the pool. In hindsight, that may have made my life a lot harder than it was worth. In an ideal world I would have liked the room about 5 feet narrower, but that would have meant that you would be able to see the pool from the street in front of the house.

The room is slowly getting cozier and cozier. As I research how to make this happen, everyone says to make up little sitting areas around the room. This I find can sound easier than it really is. Often a chair set off by itself that is suppose to make a reading area can look like a time out chair. LOL.

I decided to go with a game table. I have my old 48 inch dining room table that I thought I could use for that, but it really just looked like I was making overflow seating for a dinner party.

I then started playing around with the idea of a smaller table like this picture I found on Pinterest.



This is not a game table that you are going to play candyland on with the grandkids, but that’s ok…they will want to sit on the floor anyway.

Remember my chairs that I got at a thrift shop?

Well I have been using them upstairs.

But I have never really liked them up there. The truth is, I like sitting in these chairs and I never found a reason to sit in the upstairs hall. so I brought them down and put a table that I had between them.



We really aren’t chess people….well my husband is but “we” aren’t so I decided to use it  as a scrabble table.


I love it! I find that I sit beside the window often and play scrabble by myself as I am looking out the window.

Do you have a game table in your house? If so what kind of game do you play on it the most often?



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3 Responses to Decorating with a Game Table

  1. Sherri

    No, no room for a game table in our home. I love what you did with yours. Love the chairs! Looks so homey and warm by the windows there. Love too that you made this cozy spot in your home from items you already had.

    Hope you have a blessed week!

    • Thanks Sherri….it’s funny…I just keep moving the furniture I own all around to different rooms and some how the house is getting homier and homier.

      • Sherri

        You are welcome! Don’t you love that, you make new uses for the furniture and items you already own, and not only save money, but fall in love with your home.

        Hope you have a Happy Tuesday!

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