Decorating with a Nautical Flair

When I started planning out how I wanted my house to look, a few thoughts kept coming to my mind. Old Florida and boating.

Even though my house looks nothing like Thomas Edison’s Florida home, I find myself using it as my decorating guide.

Notice all of the natural light? See how that light reflects off of the white walls? Notice how the dark floors help ground the space? Notice how tall the ceilings are?

These are all elements that I have used in building my house. Now as I decorate, I still find myself reflecting on Edison’s style.

I LOVE these bookcases! Stay tuned and you will be seeing my version of these soon.

Look at the chest in this room. I love the color! It reminds me a bit of my bookcase that I bought.


I also love the use of wicker inside. Yes, this is a old picture from last year…sorry, I was afraid that by the time I took the picture then down loaded it I would never get this post out.


To help with my nautical theme I decided to hang a few oars.

One oar over the kitchen window worked out just perfectly.


I love it!

I had two more oars and it has taken me a while to figure out where to hang them, but I finally came up with a spot I really like.


The area at the end of the stairs has needed something. I tried putting my boat picture there, but it never seemed like enough.

The wall needed something, and I tried putting a cabinet there but it seemed a bit crowded, even though the cabinet is really narrow.


I needed a bit of color , with some texture and dimension for the space and the oars matched all of those elements.


I love how the oars look and the character they help provide to the space.


I love oars!

Do you have oars hanging in your house? I would love to know where.



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3 Responses to Decorating with a Nautical Flair

  1. Just from these photos, I want to find ways to work around what I have collected from living overseas and all over from living in the South. Or, just get rid of a bunch of stuff and keep what really means something to me and work with that. I want to start implementing new ideas in my home….at 57 I need FRESH!!!

    • Let me suggest getting rid of everything you don’t love or use. I find that now that I am in my 50′s I have a lot of things that were other people’s…it’s not like I like them or have a memory of them…just guilt if I get rid of them. Put some of your collections together on a bookcase….but mix other things in with them so it doesn’t look like a museum. Enjoy! If you love it what else matters? But I do feel like your home should be a place that you are proud of…

  2. Beth

    I think an oar would look nice above my big window and would complement the huge mounted marlin from my grandpa.

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