It Takes a Village

Many of you know I had a hysterectomy done back in January. The surgery went fine and I thought that would be the end of it. Well it seems I have a genetic problem and some of the things that they tucked up don’t want to stay ….I’m trying to stay vague here because I know there are a few men that read this post and I really don’t want to freak them out.LOL

Anyway, the doctor…a man…said I needed to run over to the hospital for a procedure, “no big deal.” Well lucky for me I decided I didn’t want to have this “no big deal” done until after I went to North Carolina to see my grandson.

This procedure ended up including a catheter…and you remember how I loved that!



Then the doctor threw this in there as he was walking out the door…”Don’t lift anything more than 5 lbs.” WHAT?!!!

As most of you know, and my doctor must not know is that I watch my grandbaby every day…all day! Now you can clearly see she is a bit more than 5 lbs.

Yes, I could have told my daughter and her husband “To Bad So Sad” but they had a lot going on. As example, my daughter had the grand opening of a new office…my son in law had basketball try outs for the team he coaches. Instead I just kept saying…we will work it out….and praying that we would…somehow.

So I thought I would share with you just how the day in the life of a babysitter that can’t lift looks like.

Son in law put baby in car and I drove to my friend’s house….ok I wasn’t really suppose to be driving but shhhh…I didn’t tell them that part. LOL…I was on no drugs so I figured it wasn’t a problem.

Baby slept on friend’s floor while we worked on a project, then friend loaded baby into car and we came home…friend then put baby in highchair and then left to take her grandbaby to the doctor.

I fed the baby, then my husband came home from work for lunch to take her out of the high chair. I then played on the floor with her until her father came over right before basketball to put her in my car.

Then I went and picked up my daughter at school and she took the baby out of the car and laid her down for a nap. She then left for her basketball practice…different coach.

Luckily, my grandbaby slept until her Dad’s basketball practice was over and he came back and got her out of bed.

That is pretty much how my week went. This week I am trying to do it without calling in so much help. The doctor said that I could probably do 20 lbs without hurting myself and she is about 21….I am just trying to be smart and not pick her up more than I need too.

I am so blessed to have this time with her and even more blessed to have so many people that are willing to come together to make it all work.

I guess the moral to this story is….If you have an impossible task before you, don’t be afraid to ask for help. People might be more willing to help you more than you think….and ask your doctor a few more questions beforehand…LOL.



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5 Responses to It Takes a Village

  1. Jan

    Ah, Dianne! I so understand…I too am a Hands-on Gramma…for 2 grandbabies…well Emma will be 5 on Monday so I pick her up after school and bring her on home where I have her little brother. Have had both these wonderful “creatures” since big sister was 6 weeks and lil bro was 6 weeks. You did a great job calling in the back-up and making it all work for you. Hurrah!!! Feel better!!!

  2. Gayle

    I knew you shouldn’t have been driving!

  3. Karen F

    Oh Dianne!!! I will pray for you to heal fast!!!! I guess I did not realize you had the hysterectomy in January!!! And we came to visit in February! Please forgive us! I hope we didn’t cause any of these problems!! You are such an awesome cousin- wish we lived closer! Take it easy and heal!!

  4. Beth

    When I came home from the hospital with my 2nd baby the only thing I was really allowed to do was lift that 9 lb baby. Yeah, complications. How does a person do that with a three year old bundle of boy to look after? Call in help. That’s the only way! :) I hope everything stays tucked this time around.

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