Long Distance Love……

We had a wonderful visit with my daughter and her family last month.


Being a long distant grandma is hard. We Skype every couple of weeks, and I talk to him on the phone every day, but it’s just not the same. I want to hold his hand, roll on the floor with him and tell him over and over that Amma loves him.

When we went to leave, we left him a surprise in his room. I love these books because you record your voice while reading the story. We had given him one before. My husband does the recordings because he doesn’t get to talk to him every day and besides….he was always the story teller in our family.

You can buy these books at the Hallmark store but they should come with a warning. My grandson had been looking at the book and left it open when he went to bed. The next morning as the sun came up my daughter heard grandpa in her son’s room reading a book. It freaked her out to say the least LOL I guess the books are light activated.

Do you have any long distant grand parenting tips you would like to share?





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2 Responses to Long Distance Love……

  1. Michelle

    Like you I also have the challenge of staying connected to my long distance grandchildren. I have a grandson age 3 and a granddaughter who will turn 1 next week. We SKYPE often and share photos and more on FB. I also like to send my grandson cards and handmade items in the mail. I made him a calendar for Oct (his birth month), Nov. (his sister’s birth month) and December (to count down to his plane trip to my house and to Christmas)! Sent stickers to have him count down the days. I’m not a seamstress, but I love to paper craft and make things for him. And I can’t wait for them to travel from WI to GA to spend a week with us! Then I can “spoil” them in person.

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