ooops…I did it again

There I was in Goodwill. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I have been thrift shopping my whole life and I have never seen one of these


Yep I bought it! It adjusts up and down…the wheels roll easily.

They only wanted $20 for it! Now you may be thinking WHY I bought it. Imagine with me. What if this was painted a bright yellow or green? What if I modpodged pictures all over the top of it? Wouldn’t it be sooooo cool for a teen to do her homework on while on her bed?

Yea…my daughter didn’t get the vision either.

I was happy to find some people on Pinterest with an imagination

vintage hospital table


One of the tables from the new instillation at the Royal London Hospital ... image from the Ella Doran collection at Surface View ... and produced with the help of Formica ... what do you think?

Now I’m wondering if I keep it for my old age or if back to Goodwill it goes.

I would love to hear about that last “find” that you found that your family hated.

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4 Responses to ooops…I did it again

  1. Denise Lamb

    Dianne: When I saw this post my first thought was how great it would be in my living room with my lap top on it. Slide the bottom bar and wheels under the chair and voila a nice table to work on. So much better then the snack table that I use.


  2. Sherri

    Besides decorating, it may just come in handy when someone is ill and bed ridden. Warm soup bedside, computer table bedside, water/juice and meds. bedside. Then I bet it will be a blessing to that someone ;)

    Not sure I have a story about bringing an “item” home and getting the “What were ya thinkin?” But, I did get that when I wanted to bring home one of our sweet doggies. We already had Chloe our sweet Dachsund mix; when a friend found a precious toy poodle out in a storm. She tried to find its owner for many days, no luck. She offered the sweet girl to me. I was NOT looking to have another animal in the house. But, my youngest had been begging for a cute white poodle. Guess what? She was a white toy poodle! Ok, ok I willtake her. Yay, my youngest said. My husband and older daughter is where I got “What R U Thinking?” Well, we have had her going on 3 years. She is my girl. We named her Sydney. She is a momma’s girl! So when my family want to live on her and she is quick to run and live in me, I remind them of who’s idea it eas to get her ;)

  3. Denise Z

    Dh found me something similar when I separated my shoulder (and then 2 months later the OTHER shoulder!)–I couldn’t even lift my laptop, so this was a lifesaver!

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