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If you are not friends with me on Facebook, I would like to take this moment to invite you  to join me. I love being able to share with you during the day. Sometimes I post other blog posts that I have enjoyed, or maybe a Bible verse that I hope will encourage you.

The other day I decided to ask questions about Technology etiquette. I thought I would share with you what I have learned.

1. If someone leaves their phone to go into the other room…such as the bathroom, and it rings..should you answer it? The person is not your spouse…

I was kind of surprised by this response….everyone said no…with an explanation mark! I guess that even though people are very willing to let their spouse read their Facebook, they are not as willing to share who is calling them.

2.Is it ok to send your Thank You notes on line? I wouldn’t do this but….I did have my daughter thank her friends that way this year and then write thank you notes to family….was I wrong?

The verdict was pretty conclusive…people like “real” thank you cards.

3.Is it ok for a woman to be facebook friends with a man if she is married? Personally I am facebook friends with very few men…and the ones I am I hardly ever talk to. Just seems like a slippery slope. thoughts?

The answer to this question did not seem as clear cut, but it did raise a lot of emotion on both sides. People either thought it was just fine or really felt it was wrong. My conclusion is…you better make sure you are on the same page with this one as your spouse or soon to be spouse.

4.How late is too late to call someone on their cell phone?

Hands down the answer was no later than 9.

5. Do you take your cell phone in your bedroom?

Almost everyone said yes….and then had to tell me why. So I am thinking maybe they think others shouldn’t do it,but they have to.

6. Do you feel it is rude to have your phone at the dinner table?

Now the question was “Is it rude to HAVE your phone at the dinner table and yet almost everyone explained why it was okay to answer the phone at the table. I guess the idea of not bringing the phone to the table was too much for people to get their head around. LOL. For the most part people thought it was rude to answer the phone or to talk at the table. But my favortite answer was…unless you are on the organ donor list. I may start saying that …Oh I didn’t know that you are on the donor waiting list…hmmm…guess that might be rude too. Do two rudes make a right? LOL

7. If you are talking with someone and your phone rings…do you A) silence it? B)answer it? or C) excuse yourself and then answer it?

This answer seemed to depend on who it was calling. Most people thought C was the right answer but I still wonder if just looking at the phone when someone is talking is rude.

My point of the survey is to remind all of us to use our manners when it comes to our high tech lives. People in the store do not want to hear you talking to your doctor about private things. People in the doctor waiting room do not want to have to sit there pretending that they aren’t listening in on your conversation on the phone.

Maybe if we would dare to spend some time without our phones we might be surprised at the conversations we might have with the people around us.

Thanks to all of you that commented on my facebook. I love getting to know my readers.



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  1. conni

    a few yrs ago I typed up a dinner time (miss manners) paper, about coming to the table on time, and no phones, and there are serving spoons for a reason etc . And no this wasn’t for a child.

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