Living by Candlelight

I thought I would share with you one of my new favorite things in my house.

I love candles, always have, but the older I get the more I am afraid that I will light one and forget to blow it out. Years ago I changed over to using almost all tea lights. I figure they just burn out, so my danger level was much lower.

My daughter suggested I buy flameless candles. I had never heard of them before. Soon I found that Pottery Barn has them

PB Essential Flameless Wax Pillar Candle Set

They have ones that feel and look a bit more like real candles and then they have others that are suggested for outside use. The outside ones don’t look as real to me but at least they don’t melt in the Florida sun.

I got mine a bit cheaper at Homegoods, but I have now seen that Target carrys them too.

They can come with a timer so that they come on all by themselves and stay on up to five hours. I love sitting in my living room and all of a sudden realizing that my candle is glowing.


I love that they even flicker.

Do you have any flameless candles in your house?


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9 Responses to Living by Candlelight

  1. Karen F

    I don’t have flameless, but all I use are the Scentsy type. The cubes of wax that melt on the holder with a small light bulb under it.

  2. Denise Lamb

    I had one but it had a scent that left me with a
    headache. So now I only use unscented candles
    but make sure I go through the house to make
    sure they are all out.

  3. Cathy

    I use flameless candles too! Love them! I’ve purchased a few of mine at TJX, Marshall’s, Homegoods and Kohls. One set of three that has a remote control and a couple others that are on timers (they automatically shut off after 4 hours). I’ve seen some that look very real but I can’t bring myself to spend $50+ for that look.

  4. conni

    I was thinking of getting a couple for Ali to take to college for the dorm room.

  5. mary gottlieb

    Just love them. Costco had them in sets of 4 for even less $. They cast a lovely glow throughout the house from sunset through 5 hrs when we retire, without safety concerns. What a lovely decorative touch.
    PS Your tribute to your Parents was so poignant and had me
    reaching for the tissues. You do them proud, dear lady.

  6. Beth in the City

    Yes! I have one in a lantern hanging in my living room. I could never safely burn a candle in it – it’s not made for heat. I love them. I have it set on the timer too so it comes on every evening.

  7. amzyy

    I dont use flameless but I melt the candles in the middle and then put tea candles in the middle! I do henna designs on candles so I had to figure our what to do to keep the design while I can lit them! If you guys want so see feel free to e.mail me =)

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