Oh, For a Painted Brick Home

Anyone that knows me well knows that I am the queen of ideas. I thought of reusable grocery bags long before anyone was using them. If I made a list of other item ideas that I have had, I would get depressed at all the millions I have missed out on in my life.

I remember as a child learning about the industrial age and being depressed that I was born after everything had already been invented. Yes, that thought makes me chuckle too when you think about all the things that have been invented since the late 60’s when I had this thought.  Some adult…I’m not sure who it was, got upset with me and told me that it wasn’t true and that if I gave it much thought, I too could come up with new ideas.

Since that time, my brain has been working overtime with new ideas. Maybe you watch the show “Intelligence”. I will have you know that I have been saying for at least ten years that I think we should all have a computer disk that will identify people when we walk up to them and tell us how we know them.

Anyway the point of this is to tell you what someone out there needs to invent now, if it’s not already out there.

When I was building my house, my husband did not want a wood house again. I understand, it is a bit more maintenance but I liked the look. My next choice was painted brick but that was way too expensive.

Now don’t get me wrong…I like my house


I will admit that my heart does still melt over the thought of painted brick.

I think there should be a way to make stucco look like painted brick. It needs to be cheap and easy for people to add to their old houses.

Now look at some painted brick houses and then tell me if you agree.

modern class @ Pin Your Home

Sooooo trying to figure out gow to mame our bla brick house look more cottagey. An entry way like this plus the color would work wonders!

White Washed Brick - entry here - but could also update an interior brick wall or fireplace.

exterior french doors with shutter & lantern and painted brick with timber inset over doors/windows


If you could make your house look like painted brick, would you?

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  1. Absolutely NOT, never!!! The look is great. The maintenance is awful. Brick is way better than cedar or siding for sure. . .we’ve had two brick houses that we’ve loved and now one that is not and hands-down, we would do brick again. My husband won’t even look at a house that is painted brick, though, because of the maintanence involved. My dream house would be stone and cedar (although the cedar is not practical). . . .
    Love your pictures. . .again, the look is great 🙂

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