Our Salvaged Shelf

I have to show you what we made this weekend.shelf A

I was at HomeGoods looking to buy something that I didn’t know I needed…lol…isn’t that how most of us shop?

Anyway, I came across two cornices….They were on clearance for only $30 each. I hesitated for about 30 seconds because they weren’t the same color, but hey, I know how to paint.

Now came the struggle of finding a board to go across the top of them. Lucky for me the Mercato sale was this weekend. I don’t know if you remember me telling you about this place …http://www.theinspiredhousewife.com/2014/01/the-venice-mercato/….but it is the perfect place to find something like old weathered wood.

shelf2I was a bit concerned about how the edge of the board was going to look when we cut it. The one edge had a wonderful knot in it , and so much character.













Mr. Amazing decided to cut it with his reciprocating saw. He kind of went at it as if he was doing an ice sculpture.

Once he cut it he took a blow torch to the end to darken it and to help give it that aged look.


I love how it all turned out.

shelf with table with candles












It brings such warmth and style to my dining room…at this point I’m not even sure I’m going to paint the cornices to match…..what do you think?

shelf 1







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  1. Sherri Smith

    Oh Dianne, it is wonderful! I can see why you love it. Hmmm, thecornices being 2 diffrent colors does add more character, perhaps you should leave them. Your hubby did a great job!!

    Have a happy week 🙂


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