Learning the Alphabet

I watched this morning as my daughter worked on the alphabet with my grandson. My mind flashed back to just yesterday when I taught her the same thing.  My daughter at an early age learned to parrot back to me what each of the letters were. I was so proud.

She didn’t know why an M was an M, but she knew it was. She didn’t know what a M could be used for and  how her life would be different if there were no M’s in it.

Without an M she couldn’t say MOM….ask for more. She would never be able to call her son Micah and meet new friends.

What if her knowledge just stopped  with recognizing the letter? What if she never went on to learn more about the letter M?  What if she never saw me using the letter M? What if she rejected the letter M and refused to use it in her life? Would I say something to her?

As a Christian mom, I taught my kids at a young age to parrot back Bible verses to me . Don’t get me wrong…it is wonderful to hide those words in your child’s heart, but we have to make sure our teaching doesn’t stop there. Those verses can make a real difference in their lives….in the world. It’s important to teach them that those words can bring them comfort in times of trouble. If we don’t, then those words are just like an M sitting by itself.

May I never forgot to teach more than just the basics to my children and grandchildren, because  how sad life would be if they never knew what the letter M had to offer them in life.



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