A Country Wedding

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I helped my daughter set up for a wedding today and I had to show you the pictures. I love how it all came together. Church pews make a space seem so special to me. Don’t you love the flowers! My daughter did that….she takes after Mr. Amazing in that she can do anything.

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They hung old windows in the barn and put pictures of the couple on them. I also love all the twinkle lights. I would have probably stopped with about half of these but doing more and different sizes really brought it all up to the next level.

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The yard was filled with farm tables with a mixture of random old chairs. ┬áThere is something about a wedding like this that just has fun written all over it. I love when a wedding reflects the couple…..Wonder if Mr. Amazing and I got married today what that would look like…..hmmmmm. We did make a lot of stuff for our wedding in 1978 and I now often look back and think that you can tell a lot about a partnership by how they go thru the wedding plans together. We are still a great team and that has made our life together wonderful.

I wish for this couple many years of happiness.


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3 Responses to A Country Wedding

  1. Denise Lamb

    Pictures are not showing. Just Question marks.

    Have been missing your posts. Is everything ok?


    • Thanks for letting me know Denise….I will have to see what I did wrong. Everything is great just had some computer issues and then got out of the habit of posting. I do post on my facebook but that is about it. Hopefully I can figure out how to fix this and get back to writing more.

    • Denise….are you trying to read it on your phone or your computer? Someone else told me that they can’t see it on their phone but they can on their computer

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