Reclycling Flowers

I’ve been asked to decorate for a non-profit organization’s banquet. I have 57 tables to have centerpieces for…and no money to do it.

Well, that really isn’t true, but you get the idea.

No one wants to give money to a cause that is wasting it on beautiful centerpieces.

I was up for the challenge. I gathered all the vases that my girlfriend and I had from our kids’ wedding and started playing with clippings from my yard. They looked good. Not great, but good.

Then an amazing thing happened. Two different families had weddings this weekend and they gave me all the flowers!


I have flowers EVERYWHERE. Now I’m just hoping they all stay beautiful until Tuesday night. The ones that came to me the saddest were the white roses – they came to me pretty limp. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew that I couldn’t use them the way they were so why not try something? I pulled off the outside petals and leaves. I then cut off the bottom of the stem and laid the whole rose down in water for about an hour. I then placed them in a vase and was amazed at how much better they already looked.


A couple hours later, they were even better.

I love recycling flowers.


When my daughter got married, a friend of mine reworked our flowers and took them to people who were sick. The flowers from my mom’s funeral were taken to the nursing home. Wish me luck…I’m not a florist so hopefully I can do justice to these beautiful flowers.


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