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I love hearing from readers! For any questions (about how I did something, where I got what or for some decorating/design advice), please email me at:

theinspiredwife {at} gmail {dot} com

I’ll try to answer any questions that come my way!

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  1. Anne-Marie

    Hi Dianne
    You wanted to know what you could do with the sleeves off the sweater! You could sew the two together to make a long tube and then fill them with kapok maybe, then sew up each end and you have a draught excluder for behind your door.
    Love your blog!


  2. Karen aka CraftyTweetie

    How about using a cut off sleeve as a holder for plasic shopping bags? I often see ones made out of fabric for sale at craft shows and in mail order catelogs. To make one out of a knitted sweater sleeve the raw, cut edge of it somehow could be hemmed and then have some type of handle attached to it, perhaps made out of a strip of ribbon or fabric or one that is crocheted. The sleeve can then be hung somewhere convenient. For easy access, we have a fabric one hanging on our enclosed porch right by the kitchen door. After emptying a bag it can then easily be stuffed into the large opening at the top of the hanging sack. (You’d be amazed by how many can be crammed into one of them.) Then whenever a bag is needed, just pull one out of the narrower wrist opening.

    Not only are you upcycling the sweater, you’re also recycling the bags. We save our bags from the grocery store and use them as trash bags in our small indoor wastecans (trashcans) or to simply carry things in. I’ve also seen plastic bags of different colors and sizes being cut into long, continuous strips which are then substituted for yarn in knitted or crocheted projects.

  3. connie thornburg

    was wondering if you had a copy of the directions of the corner door shelf that you could e mail to me that would be great if you did have a great day thanks connie

  4. Alicia

    Hi Dianne! I’ve been thinking about cutting plywood to fit over my current table for when we have family dinners so I was thrilled to see that you’ve already done it. I have a couple of questions. I thought I might need to use 3/4 inch plywood for it to be strong enough. Has the 1/2 inch stood up to kids and people leaning on it or do you feel like you need to be careful so it doesn’t split or bend. The second question is how to you make sure it stays together. I’d be using it on an existing 60 inch round table. Does it just stay there without fastening it in any wa? Sorry this got so long. Thanks for any advice you can give me. Alicia

    • We used 1/2 inch and it worked fine but if you can I would use the thicker…I just remind people that elbows are not suppose to be on the table so it works…Yes it just stays there..but…we do wrap the last six inches with packing tape just to keep someone from getting pinched…. Enjoy…it’s nice having everyone at one table.

  5. Denise Lamb


    Love your blog and enjoy both yours and your daughters.

    I have a question about the house that you took down.

    Is this house on the property where you are living now?
    I think you are living in a one bedroom bungalow.

    For a minute I thought it was your old house but then I remembered
    that you had all left notes in the old house.

    good luck in your building of a new house.

    Denise Lamb

  6. Lori

    About your super slip and slide. My daughter found this and really wants to to a big one for her birthday.. where did you find the 20′ x 25′ piece of visqueen for about $10?
    I can’t find anything but sheet plastic and its up around in the $50s to $75 range.. let me know Thanks!

  7. barbara weed

    Mothers day. God forbid you ever become a widow, it is a very lonely life. You are thankful for every phone call you receive either from your children or grandchildren, gifts are not needed. But there is heart break involved. Thank goodness I do have children and grandchildren that do take the time to call me and stay in touch.

  8. Jennifer Lacey

    I was wondering what would be the best way to clean a mattress!!

  9. Gayle Burnett

    I found your site through Pintrest and am now a follower. I was wondering how you like your all-white kitchen. I’m working up to a redo and am loving white subway tile these days. I’m pretty sold on a redo of my cabinets to white to go with a remodeled livingroom wainscotting. We’ve been working toward going with a coastal look. I’m worried that all white will be a bit too much or not enough. It’s a small house so whatever I do is aways visable from the living area. You bviously choose white. Would you do it again?

  10. Armando Lozano

    Question, On fixing a rusted door,
    do you have to sand down the rusted area before applying the mixture?
    How time elapsed before you were able to sand the rusted area?

  11. jina

    So glad I came across your site! I’ve been online shopping for valances/window coverings for my son’s room for quite awhile – challenging to do on a student budget. I thought I’d one day learn to sew and purchase a sewing machine, but that time hasn’t come yet. I was starting to get discouraged by the prices of window coverings and valances with patterns I didn’t like. A light bulb went off in my head just as I’d remembered that his cribskirt was tucked away in a closet. A little google magic and voila! You’ve already had this ingenious idea and accomplished it so simply. Thank you for the creative idea and helping me realize that I don’t need to run out to buy a sewing machine just yet!

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