How To…

Have a Successful Garage Sale

Turn a Front Door Into a China Cabinet

Make Fabric Yo-Yo’s

Update Your Door Trim

Make the BEST Strawberry Smoothie

Take A Lamp Apart

Make Curtains From a Dust Ruffle

Paint Trim/Molding

Make Your Dining Room Table Bigger

Caulk Anything

3 Responses to How To…

  1. Amanda

    I have alot of empty wooden picture frames that I have no clue what to do with…they have no back to them just the frame…any ideas??

    • Christina

      Paint a piece of thick cardboard or thin wood with chalkboard paint to put behind it and you have a chalkboard to hang with handwritten sayings (which you can switch out easily). You can also get mirror cut to put in them and use them that way instead of as picture holders. Or get cork and put it as a backing and you have a corkboard. Chicken wire can be put in the back and then use small clothes pins to hang things on it (like pictures). Just some thoughts!

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